Buying a New Bed & Mattress in Adrian and all of West Ann Arbor

Discover a wide selection of mattresses beyond the usual queen and king sizes at Mattress by Appointment Adrian. We offer compact twin mattresses at $100 and Twin XL at $110 for extra room. Our full-size mattresses, priced at $140, provide ample space for single sleepers or snug couples. Come and experience our personable, low-key, and customized way of buying a new bed and mattress – at a price that won’t break the bank!

Buying a New Bed | West Ann Arbor

Recognized Quality with Brand Names You Love

These brands have proven track records of delivering exceptional sleep experiences and are known for their innovative designs and use of advanced materials. Opting for these reputable brands comes with robust warranties, providing peace of mind along with a great night’s sleep.*

Luxury and Customization

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, California Kings start $250, and offer an unparalleled sleeping experience. We also cater to unique needs with custom-sized mattresses tailored to your specific requirements, perfect for RVs or unique bed frames.

*Check with your local dealer to confirm selection availability.

Buying a New Bed is the Best Way to Better Sleep in all of Ann Arbor!

Complete Your Sleep Experience

Whether you’re buying a new twin mattress, a new bed mattress, or exploring comfortable new sheets for your bedding, Mattress By Appointment Adrian provides friendly, no-pressure assistance in choosing the perfect mattress for your needs. Experience the remarkable improvement buying a new bed can bring to your sleep quality, and rest assured all our mattresses carry a 10-20-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, we stock a large assortment of new pillows, sheets, and other essential accessories for your comfort needs. Don’t delay better sleep – reach out to us today to book your appointment, and you could be enjoying restful slumber tonight!

Buying a New Bed is the Best Way to Better Sleep in all of Ann Arbor!

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